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New York – Adam Port, recently hailed as a “mainstay in sports circles” by ESPN The Magazine, and a nationally recognized artist of pop music talent as well, has branched out into film posters with an original work for the documentary “The Last Survivor.”

The film, now being screen at festivals and already a winner for Righteous Pictures at the prestigious Oxford Film Festival (named best documentary and winner of the Audience Award), comes from Michael Pertnoy and Michael Kleiman.  The film’s executive producer is The Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education.

Adam’s striking design features a solitary figure walking into the sunset beneath a stark shade tree, with a cloudless blue sky playing off the dark, forbidding land, upon which the screen credit’s are listed.

“The opportunity to capture the message of the film was a challenge,” said Adam, whose work is often compared to photography for its high level of realism.  “The film depicts the story of survivors of four genocides – The Holocaust, Rwanda, Dafur and the Congo, and I think the lonliness of their missions in reentering society and creating awareness, is the message of the lone figure pictured beneath the tree.”

“As the sun was setting over the hill in southern Israel, I can still remember our excitement when Adam (the young man from Darfur, not the artist) started walking off into the distance towards the tree,” said Pertnoy.  “We all knew at that precise moment something very special was being captured for our film and it’s fair to say that we relived that experience after seeing Port’s rendition for the first time.  In fact, Port breathed new life into this climactic moment in the film and now, it will be frozen in time for perpetuity.”

Port, based in Long Island, is currently in discussion with a number of professional teams to paint commemorative artwork for upcoming anniversary celebrations.  He is a graduate of Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts.

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