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About the Artist

Heir-apparent to the great modern masters of photorealist portraiture, Adam Port first burst on the art scene back in 2000 when he was discovered by a New York Knicks photographer and quickly earned a prestigious licensing agreement with the NBA.  Today Port reigns as one of the nation’s premier sports and entertainment artists, with a clientele that has included other influential entities like the Basketball Hall of Fame and Elvis Presley Enterprises, along with A-list stars like Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, and Ray Lewis…

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Featured Painting

Photorealist Art Sensation Adam Port Unveils Exclusive New Portrait Project—The Legendary Icons Series

Ruth. Gehrig. Ali. Jordan. Gretzky. Mantle.Every sport has its pinnacle figures. Every sport has its immortal trailblazers who transcend time and terrain, who reign supreme for soaring to heights never dreamed possible…and then never surpassed.

Over the next year, Adam Port—a rising star of the art world whose dazzling true-to-life portraits have drawn lofty comparisons to Chuck Close’s influential photorealism—will transform reality by recreating the single most iconic images of history’s greatest sports legends.

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